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LATEST Hockey News

  • CSDHL back on Collegecasts 2.9.19 – 2.10.19 WE are proud to host the games from the Leafs Centre in Elgin again this year. WE will have all Centre ICE games on SAT 2.9.19 and all SUN Championship Games 2.10.19. These games are LIVE and the ARCHIVE can be found going to the same posting on the calendar and ...
  • CSDHL 2018 Playoffs from Leafs Centre on Prepcasts LLC is proud to announce that WE are the carriers of the games for the 2018 Playoffs on February 10-11 which include all Saturday 2.10.18 games on Centre Ice and all the Sunday 2.11.18 games on Centre Ice. For more information about Leafs Ice Centre click here … Please join our announcing staff of Charlie Brown, Ian Ross, ...
  • Coverage of CSDHL from West Dundee again this year WE are pleased to announce that the tradition continues with the coverage of the Preliminary Rounds and the Championship Rounds of the Central States Developmental Hockey League Playoffs coming from the Leafs Ice Center in West Dundee Illinois. Each game is covered LIVE then archived right after for continuous REPlay. The teams will be filled in later but here ...